Helping today's pioneers make an impact!

Do you want to make a difference in the world?

Are you ready to create a lasting impact?

 Empowhers coaching helps you understand the benefit of adopting a pioneering mindset to overcome the challenges you face, lead with authenticity and increase your life satisfaction. With fresh perspectives, renewed energy  and your pioneering mindset, you will blaze trails and make a lasting impact.

Meet Ellen

Hi, I’m Ellen Miller and I believe that all the elements you need to achieve the impact you desire is present in you today.  

They say experience is the best teacher. That’s why I use my own pioneering journey as an inspiration for others.

 Equipped with the tools and techniques that I’ve discovered first-hand, you’ll empower yourself to have the confidence and mindset you need to make a difference and leave a legacy.  


Empowhers Coaching can help you:

Create the impact you desire

Empowhers Circle

Understand and Influence the world around you

Implement lasting change

How Ellen can help?

Do you want one-on-one or team coaching? Ellen will help you or your team adopt a mindset that helps break a new trail and remove the barriers holding you back. You will learn how to overcome the challenges you face, inspire and motivate those around you, and making a difference in the world. 

Listening to Ellen’s Podcast, a place where pioneers share stories and where you will find insights and knowledge that helps inspire and motivate you on your personal quest. 

Reading Empowhers blog and sign up for events that will help you pioneering your way forward in your career and your life.


Ellen is dedicated to helping you understand, clarify, set a plan and achieve your goals. She offers you a friendly and relaxed coaching approach while staying committed and focused on what you want to achieve. I highly recommend Ellen as a life coach — you will feel safe and supported as you explore actions you can take to accomplish your goals.

Kim S.

Ellen is an incredibly talented, natural coach. I am grateful for her listening skills and questions that have me digging into my behaviors and thoughts without feeling judged or pressured. I walked away from our meeting with positive energy and the desire to spend more time with her. Undoubtedly, it would lead to a better world for me and you.   Nancy M.

If you’re ready to find the energy you hold within and how it can work even harder for you, let’s illuminate your greatness.