"Change your life by changing your mind."


What is Your mindset?

Carol Deweck, PH.D. identified two types of mindsets through her research that occured over 30 years.

Growth Mindset: The belief that through practice, perseverance and effort, people have limitless potential to learn and grow. 

Fixed Mindset: The belief that we are born with a fixed amount of intelligence and ability.


Thank you for believing in the potential of people.  When people listen to Ellen they walk away with new insights and new perspectives in their professional and personal life.  When you and your team adopt a growth mindset, you will understand the benefit of helping people consider the lens in which they view their current environment, embrace learning, engage in innovation and creativity and take more intelligent risks. All the while, you will  improving outcomes for yourself, your people and your organization. 




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Learn about  your mindset and how your brain works.

Empowhers Circle

Understand  how both a fixed mindset and a growth mindset impact you and  your organization.

Take the necessary steps to consider new perspectives and adopt new habits individually or as a team, that help you achieve your goals.

Here to help you and your organization grow.

A full house of empowered women from across the United States and Europe tuned in to participate in  Ellen’s experiential presentation on Unconscious Bias and Decision Making and it launched a demand for this topic to be presented to organizations across Maine.

Let me help you motivate and engage you team in new ways of thinking, so your organization can take advantage of a growth mindset.

Listening to Ellen’s Podcast and learn from a variety of women from across the United States and Europe and hear their  insights on what helped on their pioneering journey.   Each episode is filled with inspiration and motivation for people to grow, learn and reach your personal or professional goals.

Reading Ellen’s blog and find a list of resources on topics related to growth mindset and your ability, with practice and determination, to shift not only our own mindset but also the mindset of teams and organizations.  

Schedule Ellen to speak at your next retreat or organizational meeting to help your team understand the benefit of adopting a growth mindset enabling yourself and your team to reach your personal and professional goals.