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Grow Into the Leader You Are Meant to Be!

"There is no better way to test your leadership than be the change that needs to happen."


With over 25 years in the male dominated energy industry, Ellen Miller, the Founder of Empowhers, left her successful career in an executive role with an

internationally owned company and began a professional journey that transformed her leadership mindset and life. She now educates leaders on cultivating a leader's mindset because it drives every point you make, and every decision, action and  reaction you have during your day.


Your mindset influences the culture around you and sets the tone for your team. It determines whether you jump to conclusions or listen to understand. It shapes how you engage people, set expectations, and how your engage and instill motivation and creativity in your team.

Her most recent work at Empowers ensures that women across the United States and beyond have the necessary leadership knowledge, tools, and awareness to engage people, improve outcomes and achieve their goals.


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