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Work with Empowhers, to help women achieve their goals by being at their professional and personal best.

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  • Pioneer, Change Agent

  • 25+ years of Corporate Management & Executive  Experience 

  • B.S Business Administration

  • Master Business Administration

  • Certified Professional Coach, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching 

  Additional Consulting Services

  • Facilitation

  • Organizational Transformation

AS A WOMAN LEADER, you may be the first woman and perhaps the only woman to hold a position of power in your organization.

Many women leaders are Pioneers in their fields. Due to the evolution of technical, financial, and commercial industries, you may find you are the only woman in meetings for most of your day. 

Are you the first woman to hold your particular position in the history of your company?

These scenarios are real. During my career, I have experienced all of these scenarios. The challenges you face are not uncommon, and, as women, we need to recognize that this is genuinely pioneering work in today's world. You are blazing trail for other women coming up through the ranks, changing organizational cultures and norms, and fulfilling your role and responsibilities as a Leader all at the same time. This is hard work and fulfilling work.

As the Founder of Empowhers, my focus is to take your perseverance, fortitude, and determination that has elevated you to where you are today, amplify and expand your leadership skills, help you build successful teams and transform your organizations. Empowhers is here help you show up at your personal and professional best every day


All the pioneering women in our midst deserve our applauds and at Empowhers we see you and we support you on your journey to make a difference.

I am grateful for the people who have supported my mission and, especially, the male mentors and allies who have helped me become a better leader and mentor and who are supporting the mission of Empowhers helping women across the United States and beyond reach their potential.

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Achieve Goals

Adopting a Leader's Mindset begins with a conversation.

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