Pioneer Alicia Boler-Davis

Let’s talk about a modern day Pioneer! 🌟

Alicia Boler-Davis💫

Today, she is the Vice President Global Customer Fulfillment at Amazon.

Amazing pioneering!⛰

She knew for a long time, even in middle school, that she loved to fix things.

It was in her DNA! She was destined to pioneer and blaze her trail.🔥

In fact, in the past she was the first African American women manger at General Motors‼️

She recognizes the importance of moving beyond our comfort zone to embrace new challenges and opportunities.💯💯💯

And she believes in the importance of educating young women in middle school about the opportunities ahead of them!

And… pioneers, we are leading the way for your teams and also setting the example for the young people we meet along our way.✨

Alicia Boler-Davis embraces a growth mindset focused on learning, innovation and creativity. Her super power is her agility, ability to adapt and see all circumstances as an opportunity.✨💫💫

Are you a pioneer who is ready to adopt a growth mindset? YES!

If YOU are interested in learning more about how a growth mindset can empower you? Reach out and ask for a one on one consultation. YES!

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