Pioneers at Work!

Listen in as Ellen chats with inspiring guests and shares insights and stories on her Pioneers at Work podcast.

Discover the inspiration and motivation you need to be a pioneer yourself, owning your journey with curiosity, energy and focus.


“Pioneer” comes from the core of who I am.

I fully realized my pioneer strength when I decided to own my journey including my career.  My sense of purpose really hit home when I realized that I am a pioneer, capable of breaking down barriers, making an impact, and inspiring other women.  There are so many women who have stories to share about their pioneering journies and looking for a like-minded professional to help them along their personal and professional quest.  My purpose is to help those women to continue to make remarkable progress, create a lasting impact, and increase their sense of fulfillment and life satisfaction.

I look forward to helping today’s pioneers succeed like never before.

  It is so important for you to feel satisfied and fulfilled in your career and life.   

Do you embrace your influence as a role model?  You are inspired and motivated to break new trails for those coming behind you?  Are you ready to really embrace your strengths, create a lasting impact, and move forward with a new level of confidence and trust in your own abilities?   

Are you a Pioneer? Join my podcast as a guest.​