Pioneering Mindset – Curiosity

One of the aspects that define a pioneer is the passion for discovery. Part of the discovery process is getting very curious about the unknown. 

Let’s apply the idea of being curious to the personal or professional journey you are currently on. 

Let’s start first with being professionally curious. Being curious allows you the ability to see and evaluate events and situations from different viewpoints.  

Amy Edmondson talks about this in her book The Fearless Organization.

She writes about this in terms of humility in leadership. The simple truth that leaders do not have all the answers. She recommends using “inquiry” (questions) to promote participation in solution-focused activities. This inquiry approach, coupled with an authentic desire to overcome your own bias, creates an environment where people feel comfortable sharing new ideas. 

A growth mindset within your organization means creating an environment that focuses on insights and learning. A trust created through insights and a learning culture leads to new ideas, innovation, and transformation. 

Leadership curiosity is the first step to spurs insights, knowledge, trust, action, evaluation, and iteration.

The other aspect of being curious is being inwardly curious. Pioneers are curious about their own biases, beliefs, and assumptions. How does your mindset impact their ability to blaze a new trail for others to follow?

What conscious or unconscious bias, beliefs, assumptions get in your way of fully embracing your authentic leadership and motivating the people around you?

How can being curious about yourself increase your energy and the energy of your team? 

Here are leadership topics that can make you curious about discovering how your energy and mindset influence your pioneering journey. 

  • Focus
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Reflective Curiosity (thinking critically about your thoughts, attitude, and actions)
  • Conscious Decision Making
  • Health and Energy Management
  • Connection and Relationships
  • Resilience

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