Pioneer Karine Jean-Pierre

💫 Karine Jean-Pierre, a pioneer and trailblazer!

💫She is the first Black woman to speak in the capacity of Press Secretary in three decades!

💫She is the first Black woman to serve as the chief of staff for Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

💫 She is also the first openly gay woman in her role.

What motivates and inspires Karine Jean-Pierre to be a pioneer?

To be the agent of change?

She focuses on the service to the country not on a single person.

She is hopeful and believes in the promise of the future.

She is a self-made.

She believes in herself.

In addition to hope and inspiration, she has worked to get to where she is today. She is setting the example for all women, overcoming obstacles and barriers to achieve success in her life.

When you are the first, not matter what quest or journey you are on, the more you are able to harness your energy, passion and purpose the more fulfilling your life becomes.

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