Own Your Journey

In Alicia Key’s autobiography and storytelling narrative, More Myself, you will find references to pioneering throughout her book written with Michelle Burford.

She talks about her pioneering journey. She tells about finding the path forward, courage, entering new territory, facing fear, being true to yourself, and perhaps the most profound question you may ask yourself as a pioneer: “why am I here?” Perhaps even reframe it as “Why am I breaking this trail?”

She shares her trailblazing experience and provides insight into the importance of understanding your destination, purpose, and power of choosing who and what gets your time and energy.

As you consider your journey, personally or professionally, you have a certain level of capacity each day. The only person that can determine where and how you focus your attention is you.

It is the “power of choice.”

When you begin owning your journey, understanding what you want, and channeling your energy and capacity where it is needed, it helps you to move forward to break a new trail and make a difference.

Some people may believe they do not have a choice.”

However, pioneers, driven to have an impact, always have a choice.

You can choose a focus or choose distraction.
You can choose curiosity or choose indifference.
You can choose to move forward or remain stuck.
You can choose to inspire or discourage.
You can choose to learn or dismiss it.
You can choose to face fear with courage or choose to hide from fear.

All of these choices allow you to own your journey. You choose the path forward.

And in More Myself, Oprah Winfrey states it best. Her words are worth sharing. “Others can contribute, and you should surround yourself with smart people who lift you higher and share your vision. But the truth is, even with the wise council, only you know what your next step should be.”

As a pioneer, only you know the best choice for you to move forward and blaze your trail. That is why, my friends, You Own Your Journey.

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