Leadership Presence – Connection

Leadership presence is one area where people with executive and C-Suite aspirations feel they need to shine.

Leadership presence is part of your brand. Honing your leadership presence is vital to increasing your leadership level in an organization. A critical element of Leadership presence is connection.  How you form relationships as you collaborate, support, or partner with your peers, stakeholders, customers, and the general public.  

In this blog, increase your self-awareness on how you connect with people.

But, what does leadership presence mean, and how do you acquire it? 

Several areas can influence your leadership presence, and I will give you plenty of food for thought in today’s blog post. As you read, it can be helpful to jot down some notes to help your brain engage and gain insights for reflection later. 

How connected are you to the people around you?   

Perhaps you believe if you had more time, you would connect more with the people around you? 

It is common for people to think time is a barrier.  

If you are like most executives, you go from virtual meeting to virtual meeting. When you have time in your schedule, it is on to the next slide deck, HR/Administrative matter, or planning activity on the front burner.   

So, let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. Every interaction you have with humans influences how they perceive your leadership presence. Regardless of whether you are making specific time to connect with people, they judge your leadership presence every time you interact.

What is your natural tendency related to connecting with people?   

Do you prefer one on one conversations or group/team meetings? Most people are familiar with the terms introvert and extrovert. If you choose to connect with people, your comfort zone may influence how you perceive connecting opportunities. 

Who are you connecting with when you do have time?  

Are you surrounding yourself with people who drain your energy and are pessimistic, or are the people you are connecting with giving you energy and optimism? Perhaps you have people around you in both of these categories.  

How do your energy and mindset impact your leadership presence today? 

Are you focused, attentive, listening, and engaged? Multi-tasking is a myth, and people do it every day. Multi-tasking is the switching of tasks rapidly, creating less focus, less attention, and less engagement. The fact is the brain can only do one thing at a time. When you practice multi-tasking, you wire your brains to work less efficiently. 

If you surround yourself with uninspired, unmotivated, unchanging, pessimistic people, you can unconsciously begin adopting the same mindset, which will reflect your leadership presence. So, take a moment to understand your current environment and perspective. 

An assessment helping many clients understand their leadership perspective is the IPEC Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI). That coupled with the mindset coaching has helped them level up their leadership and make significant progress in achieving their goals and making an impact. 

Here are a few questions that may help you understand your mindset and level of self-awareness during your next human interaction. 

What are you physically feeling? 

  • Energized 
  • Good 
  • Fatigue 
  • Unwell 
  • Other 

What emotions are you experiencing?  

  • Calm 
  • Hurried 
  • Stressed 
  • Other 

How much focus do you have?  

  • Alert 
  • Distracted 
  • Checked Out 
  • Other 

What attitude do you have? 

  • It makes no sense. 
  • What broke or what went wrong? 
  • There is a way to fix this. 
  • What help is needed? 
  • Let’s figure this out. There are a lot of possibilities. 
  • How does this fit into your vision? 

Increasing your self-awareness and mindset is the first step in gaining insight into your leadership presence and learning how your behavior impacts how others perceive you. The next step is to determine what actions you want to improve and be accountable for your results. 

If you want to access the Empowhers newsletter with more insights, resources, and tips, go to www.ellenempowhers.com and sign up! Or, feel free to schedule a call to understand the benefits of taking the ELI assessment. It will help you know how you perceive the world around you and use your energy as a leader. 

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