Are you a pioneer? What is a pioneering mindset?

Are you a pioneer? Do you have a pioneering mindset?

Pioneers are on a journey. That journey is centered on the idea of discovery.

Do you find energy and joy from being the first to try something new? Do you want to make a difference in your community, your environment, or the world?

Let’s look at some attributes I have discovered when talking to others about today’s pioneers and a few questions you can ask yourself about your own pioneering journey.

First is the idea discovery. Pioneers are inspired to be the first to explore or experience something new. And, pioneers not only take the lead; they purposely take the risk. They have a clear vision and focus, grounded in their sense of purpose and passion in life. This sense of discovery is fueled by their curiosity about the unknown or untested.

Pioneers are known to be the first to undertake something new in their environment. They are not afraid of working hard.

What risks do you take? When do you feel most purposeful and passionate about the journey you are on?

Pioneers have an innate sense of determination. They have the resolve to continue to make progress, blaze a trail, and moving forward regardless of the obstacles encountered. When encountering obstacles, pioneers use all of their resources available to them to improvise, to work around keeping the focus on their goal and intention.

What intentions do you have for your career, your family, and your life?

Pioneers have a vision and a trail map. Their goals are grounded in their sense of purpose. The intentions they set for themselves have an impact and make a difference. Pioneers see where the journey begins, what trail to follow, and where the journey ends. They also recognize that the end of one trail-blazing experience means another is about to begin. Pioneers know there is always something else to explore and another discovery to be made.

Do you have a vision and a trail map that you are following that is guiding you forward?

Pioneers are motivated. They have an inner fire and drive that moves them forward. Pioneers trust in their own ability to blaze a new trail. They see every problem as an opportunity to learn, grow and discover something new either about themselves or the world around them.

Do you trust your ability to blaze a new trail?

My purpose is to support today’s pioneers, share their stories, and empower women as they break a new trail, create an impact and make a difference.

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