Mindset Keynote Speaker

As an experienced corporate executive, there were many times in Ellen’s career where she has set a high goals for herself and her team. Her determination and perseverance was critical to her success.

You may think her greatest lessons came from her professional experiences.  She will share with your the greatest lessons she has learned is  the benefit of considering how creating a culture grounded in growth mindset can level up your performance and the performance of your team. 

Few leaders and organizations seek out transformational experiences that prompt introspection and a shift in perspective. However, those that do, unlock your potential and the potential of your teams to innovate, create and achieve better outcomes.

Ellen invites you to consider the benefits of shifting your organizational mindset in order to  create a greater sense of empowerment, ownership and commitment.

With the right mindset you and your team will innovate, create, and achieve better outcomes personally and professionally.


Wondering how Ellen can help you or your team?